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Majestic Beverages Tea Program

1st CASE of tea pays for your entire program!

Contact us to get set up with our Tea Program and see how the gross profit you will make from the 1st Case will pay for your entire Tea Program!

1 Case = 20 brews yielding about 192oz per brew = Total of 3840oz!

That's about 240 servings of 16oz Glasses!!!

Contact us for the details, terms and conditions to get setup today!

(Arizona customers only)

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Majestic Beverages is the exclusive distributor of Shangri La Tea for Arizona. Shangri La produces and distributes the worlds finest natural and flavored Iced and Hot Teas. 


    • Lower your over all food costs​

    • Convert water drinkers to profitable Iced Tea consumers

    • Serve 2-3 extra glasses per day and pay for your entire Shangri La program

    • Eliminate excess waste with our 1.5 to 3 gallon steeping possibilities

  • Insure Quality

    • Serve Gold Medal winning flavors​

    • Serve pefect color every steep

    • Serve allergen free flavorings

    • Serve teas that clean and refresh the palette

    • Choose from conventional or organic teas

  • Rely on Service

    • No cost steeping equipment​

    • Free installation

    • Free on-site training

    • Free servicing of machine

    • Free expert tea advice 

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