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Organic Tea: Teatulia

About Teatulia: This one of the best tea companies we've come across. Their purpose is one of the reasons we really like this company. The way they care about how their product is made gives proof that this product is one of the best tea companies you'll come across. Their care in the people and land is evident in their quality product. Watch the video and visit their website to really appreciate the care that goes into their product and company. Their website has not only terrific products, but has a lot of great information about tea in their blog Tea 101

Disclosure: Majestic Beverages is a participant in the Teatulia affiliate program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. By clicking on the links above, you will be redirected to to purchase this high quality tea for your personal use. If you would like to further purchase these products for your business, contact us directly for wholesale prices and service options.

Thank you for your business and we know you will enjoy this great tasting tea!

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